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Letting Go V Holding On

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If you want to experience touching a butterfly, would you want to force it or would you rather an authentic experience? If you want to see the true beauty of a butterfly it requires no attachment or control.

Imagine you are wanting to experience touching a butterfly so badly that you keep the butterfly in a cage between a gap between your hands. You can feel the butterfly in your palms but you can't actually see its beauty. When the butterfly wants to experience flying away it cannot because you are restricting it for your own gain.

But if you desire and authentic experience it requires your palms to be completely OPEN... Not closed. And only this way can you really SEE the true beauty of a butterfly and FEEL it in a happy space. 

It's not forced, or obligated or selfish. It's a share chosen experience by you AND the butterfly. 

You experience the security of really KNOWING that that butterfly stayed with you because it CHOSE to not because it HAD to or was forced too. It doesn't even make sense to ever question does the butterfly want to leave you or fly away or are you forcing it to stay there... Because the butterfly chose to stay out of its own free will.

This however also requires a depth of love that requires no need and attachment.

Unconditional love.

This mean understanding that for a butterfly to be free, there will be a time that it will fly away. And you have to be ok with that. It may come back again. But the time will come when it cannot be with you...

So when the buttery decides to fly away, you get to experience the joy of seeing it be truly FREE.

If everyone in your life is a butterfly... How are you relating to the relationships in your life? Do you have them caged in, with your hands around them with a sense of control and need? 

Or are your hands open, a constant reminder, that you are here if they choose to share an experience you... 

A more important question... How are you towards yourself? Do you cage yourself in with expectations and judgements of how you should be, could be, were, aren't?

Or do you allow yourself just to BE and to LOVE yourself unconditionally regardless of the past, present and future?

Can you let go of control and allow yourself to feel the depth of what would happen... If your hands were actually OPEN and your own butterfly of YOU, sat itself right... In the centre of your palm... 

When it comes to your butterfly of YOU... Are you willing to be open? Are you willing to feel? 

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