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New Website Helps Travellers Find Events Across Australia

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A new website aiming to help people find fun and interesting events in the cities they are in or travelling to, is launching live on August 7. solves the ever-present problem: what's on, when you're there?

The service is a new startup from Perth entrepreneur Rob Whyte and his team of travellers.

"To explain it simply: we tell people what's on, when they're there," explains Whyte, who been frustrated with this very issue for nearly a decade.

"My wife and I have travelled a lot, but whenever we do, we always struggle to find what's happening on and around us, and it can get frustrating. We would often joke, why doesn't someone just build a site that tells you? So, we thought, let's just fix this ourselves!"

The incredibly intuitive site allows users to type in an Australian city, and the date range that they will be there.

The site provides a huge variety of event options, while still making it easy to find something that interests you - whether its a farmer's market, music festival, sporting event or craft workshop! Having fun doesn't have to break the bank, with a huge number of fantastic free events to keep you and your friends or family entertained.

You can easily find accommodation options nearby your favourite events, and filter to make sure they meet your budget, which suits people travelling who might not know an area well.

Whatevents works across all popular platforms, and whilst Whyte admits there is still room for improvement "We just wanted to get it working and out there, rather than spending a lifetime making it perfect! It works, so we just want people to try it out, warts & all."

"Our team have loved working on the project and we've had a heap of fun planning our own weekends & trips while working on it"

The site will be launching in major Australian cities and selected regional areas on August 7, and the team have big plans to extend further across Australia and overseas.

Co-Founder & CTO Dzul Taib commented further, "We have pinned over 30 new enhancements and ideas that we love, but we built the site for the users, so we'll be listening to their feedback - they'll tell us what they want. There are some immediate improvements that will roll out shortly after launch, but ultimately, user feedback is what we'll be listening intently to."

The whatevents team already have some big partnerships in the mix, which will further enhance the site for users. The site will be available to anyone with an internet connection and is free to use, the team dismissed talk of charging travellers. "I wouldn't expect to pay for it, therefore why should we charge people for it?" says Taib.

"Revenue is not our primary focus right now. We just want people to use it to plan their travel & weekends - to tell us the story of what they want. If we build what people want, the revenue will follow. We have some great partnerships which will deliver our revenue, but remain transparent to the user - that is, they will never pay more for booking anything through our site than if they did it themselves - this is important to us." will launch live on Friday August 7 with all major capital cities & some regional centres across Australia.

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