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The New Era Of Leadership

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The New Era Of Leadership

Leadership huh? And the New Era? What does that mean?

We are in such an exciting time for technology and humanity. Things are getting easier in many ways... and in other harder. It is harder to be the one that stands out. Popularity comes and goes quicker than ever. So how can you make sure that with the world getting smaller how can you make sure you stand out?

It is no longer a matter of being good you need to now be outstanding in order to STAND OUT.

1. Stand OUT. You are the only person who can be the best version of YOU. Stand out and excel at what you are good at. Learn about yourself, delve into yourself and hone your talents and skills. Become the best you can be at being you!

This means take full responsibility about where you are and your current situation. You and only you are responsible for the results in your life and your business. If your staff are not doing as you have asked, if you are not creating the revenue you want, if the product is not as good as you would have hoped. It is all YOUR responsibility.

When you take full and 100% responsibility for things happening or not happening in your business (and also in your life) then you can take 100% responsibility to start making the changes needed to move forward. Once you know that it is your responsibility you can then take charge and take control of making different outcomes.

Let's say your staff are getting distracted and not focused on their tasks. You, as the leader, start to ask yourself, "How am I creating these results?" The answers might surprise you.... Are you expecting too much or too little from them? Are they bored? Are you not giving them enough challenges, excitement or fun in the office? Are you praising them and making them feel valued? Do you know what their values are in their careers? Have you aligned their values with those of the business?

Once you start to ask yourself these super important yet basic questions, then you can start to make the changes needed.

This also includes taking full responsibility for the person you are communicating with to understand you (more on this one below).

2. Get Clear. You need to get clear on what the end result is. This includes the bigger picture and alignment of each small step in between. In business for example why are you in business? What lifestyle do you want to create? Get clear on that... and then and only then can you start to get clear on the steps you need to take in the middle to get you there.
Clarity is answering the most basic forms of questions...

Why are you in business?
What kind of culture do you want to create?
How often do you want to work?
How much money do you want to make?
Who do you want to work with?
Who do you want on your team? ....

Too often I see individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives BLINDLY doing. Often they don't ever stop to ask why are they doing what they are doing? And what result do they want to create? The most successful leaders are masters of this step. They know exactly what the end result is, and how to identify each step they need to take in order to reach that goal.

Before you begin to draft a talk, speak to an employee or even future client, get clear on what it is you want them to do. Do you want them to buy this package? Do you want them to book another appointment? Do you want more production and better performance from your staff? As when you get really clear, then you can design how you are going to convey this information.

3.Be exceptional at Communication. You and only you are responsible for making sure the person you are communicating with is getting your message. If you are finding some issues in what you are trying to say, or that people might not be fully taking in or taking action on what you are wanting to do then maybe take note on some of these aspects below;

A) Rapport: There is so much more that you communicate than your words. First do you have rapport with your staff or client? Are you in physical rapport (are you physically sitting and behaving like them)? Have you gained their confidence? Do you know something about them? Do you know what they want? Can you understand their catch words, and know what they mean? Productivity to you may not be the same as what that means to someone else. Get curious about what their words mean "What does "productivity" mean to you?" " How do you know if you are productive?" " What will be happening and what will the end result be?" Get into their world.....

B) Emotional State: This is both yours and your audience. Make sure that you are in an emotional state congruent with your message. Ie if you are wanting to communicate that sales is fun and exciting, yet you are stuttering and hunched over (in a shy or sad emotional state) then your message is not going to be congruent. You have the ability to alter your emotional state in many different ways (a whole other subject), and once you match the emotional state you want to embody with your message, your message will be even more effective and powerful. Take for example when Gandhi speaks it is peaceful, quiet, calm, relaxed. Which IS also his message. When Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream" speech, he embodied the emotions of power, inspiration, hope and love.

C) Your words: Even though the majority of what you communicate is non verbal it is important to be clear and concise. Choose your words that convey your message. Be direct and to the point. Make sure you are using the words that are relevant to your audience, as in different contexts the same word can have different meanings. ie risk to a rock climber (something to take but calculated risk and risk is good) means something different to someone in Occupational Health and Safety who reduces all risk and sees risk as bad.

4. The Audience. Effective leaders make sure that they are in alignment with their audience. They recognize their values and matches their vision and mission to be congruent with the audience. They speak their language and know their needs, wants and desires. You can try all you like to lead and inspire someone, but if they do not have the same values and belief systems as you then you will have no hope leading them. Can you imagine a spokesman for Greenpeace trying to convince the Japanese Government to stop hunting whales. They can talk all they like, but their values are not in alignment.

This is the same with your employees. Do you know what values and belief systems your employees hold? Are they in alignment with your business vision and mission (trusting that you are clear on these)? If they value flexibility but you are trying to hold them to a routine it is not going to work. They are not going to feel comfortable and there will be resentment there. Take the time to ask or asses your employees or clients' values so that you are aware of what they are and can either tailor their working environment, your service or product to meet that individual.

5. Be an Expert in Strategies: You might be trying to do the same things over and over and expecting different results. Are you wanting to create more fun in the work place yet your weekly or monthly meeting are just held in the board room? Whatever message you are trying to get across try and customize your strategy. Can you do something different? Is there a more effective, experiential way to convey that message, idea or service. People want experience. Words are words. Yet experience is the true understanding and the true knowledge that someone takes away. Have your board room meeting in the surf and turn it into a real "board" meeting... or bring in someone new or exciting... mix it up. Referrals don't come from what you say they come from the experience you give someone. And because of that experience they are willing to recommend your services.
Give your employees better experiences. For that matter give any one you come into contact with better experiences. You'll have a better life.

Go and step into what you were meant to do here on earth. Get clear on your end result in life or business. Then align you, and all those around you, with the steps necessary in achieving that goal. Become and expert at strategies, communication, clarity and knowing your audience. This is the New Era of Leadership.

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