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Want A Successful Balanced Lifestyle? 5 Essential Things To Know

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You have been inspired. Whether it was someone's super healthy, fit, fun Instagram profile, an article you read online or looking back over some old photos you are motivated to make better choices, be epically healthy and get into tip top shape. You vow to eat clean, all organic and workout like a boss everyday. You will have a successful balanced lifestyle an epic one at that. The plan is foolproof. You're set for sure.


Erm usually wrong!

Before you know it you've forgotten about your balanced lifestyle reform or worse, you're beating yourself up because it hasn't been doing as epically as you envisaged. You feel like a failure.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, let me tell you it's not you! You likely haven't learnt some of the essential secrets to starting a successful balanced lifestyle and in a world of instant gratification and faced paced media, that's not your fault.

Here are 5 of my essential secrets to starting a successful balanced lifestyle;

1. Slow and steady wins the race
This is where so many people trip up before they even start! And I am personally guilty of this from time to time. You get fed up with something or with the pattern you've slipped into so you try and change everything at once.

I hate to break it to you, but this doesn't work. Nine times out of ten you're not going to get away with and instant reform.


Because your current habits, subconscious reactions and thought patterns are neatly coded into your brain. In order for lasting change these patterns and habits need to be recoded. Now that a whole other topic that I won't go into here. But essential you need to introduce new habits slowly and consistently.

Dr Maltz's scientific studies in the 60's, published in his book Psyco-Cybernetics, coins the popular notion that is takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. That is a minimum of 21 days to code a new pattern/habit in the subconscious.

2. Move your body daily
We all know exercise is good for us and part of a balanced lifestyle but I just want to emphasise the importance of moving your body daily in order successfully stay on track!
And make it achievable moving your body everyday isn't about doing an epic work-out at the gym everyday to burn calories or something. It is about getting the blood flowing, clearing your mind, releasing feel-good hormones and keeping you motivated and feeling good about yourself.

Set yourself something achievable so that you will do it. Like walking around the block at least once a day, and if you do more bonus points! You can feel extra good about yourself.

3. Start the day right
When we don't start the day right, we make it an uphill battle for the rest of the day to break into being healthy, productive and in a good mindset.

When you start the day right you are set up for success!
Start the day getting out of bed when you first wake up. Walk around the block, move your body. Drink lots of water to rehydrate after your sleep. Listen to some positive, motivating music. Eat something fresh and light that feel really good in your tummy.

Can you see how this straight away sets the tone of success, energy and productivity for the day?

4. Get centered
When our lives are so go-go-go we constantly get swept up in the moment. You feel pressured or stressed or pulled in many directions. This makes it very difficult to remain focused on you and what is actually going to feel good for you in the moment.

When we can practice being centered, even just for a few minutes each day we are taking a moment to stop and let all our thoughts settle. You feel a sense of calmness wash over you and in that moment everything seems manageable and okay.
Ways to center yourself each day in busy lifestyle can be a simple as standing or lying barefoot on the grass and breathing deeply, it can be putting on a five minute meditation from YouTube or with a bit more time doing a yoga class.

5. Be kind to yourself
Such an essential step in your mindset to creating a successful balanced lifestyle be kind to yourself. If you slip up or fall back to bad habits it's ok! If you beat yourself up, you will likely feel you don't deserve to have a wonderful balanced lifestyle and you will continue to sabotage the process or you will give up straight away.

Persistence is key to making changes! Key key key. The road to success is always littered with perceived 'failure'. To be persistent you need to learn to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, encourage yourself and be your own cheerleader.

Bonus: Accountability
Having a group, buddy or a coach to keep you accountable makes a world of difference. If you don't have any friends to fill that role joining a group or having a coach can be a worthwhile investment to ensure your success.

In summary it is totally possible to have a successful balanced lifestyle it is important to remember takes commitment and time. I challenge you to take on my 5 secrets listed above and see the uphill battle into a journey of self discovery.

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