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Gay Texas Artist Celebrates Love With Death

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Lago Vista, TX-September 3, 2014-Texas artist, Ladislao Loera has finished the artwork for his 2015 Day of the Dead calendar and listed it on Kickstarter. His skulls and skeletons are a modern twist on the traditional art of Mexico. "Originally the calendars were a way to share my art. After my partner died, they became a way to share stories of loss, life after loss and finding a way through grief. Whether you are gay, straight or anything in between, when your spouse dies, who you are in that moment dies too. My illustrations are meant to honor Chris, and the life we had together. We may not have been legally married, since Texas doesn't allow it yet, but he was my world."

His favorite illustration this year is called "Amor Prohibido" (forbidden love). It features a skeletal fish and cat in love. Loera says "love isn't an orderly thing. We love who we love and sometimes the world reacts with horror, like with gay people currently or interracial relationships in the past. People like Rick Perry, the Duck Dynasty clan, and the religious right, think they can dictate other peoples relationships. As if because someone has a different experience of love they are bad people.

It's just love. Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or fish and cat. It's just love and to demand that we all love in the same way is a foolish demand made by foolish people."
This is the 7th calendar in his successful series. You can find his work on line and at few out of the ordinary shops across the US. With Kickstarters help he will be going to press in late September.

Loera continues "My artwork blends this traditional Mexican artwork with my own sense of wonderment and mortality. Day of the Dead is my way of staying connected to those that I love, both living and dead."

About FrenzyArt
Founder and artist for Frenzy Art, Ladi's creations are inspired by Mexican tradition and spiritual expression. Frenzy Art's Day of the Dead designs and products are created and hand-crafted by Ladi to capture a happy and eternal sense of the human spirit. Ladi's own life journey is an essential part of his creative spirit-a spirit he chronicles in his calendars to give insight into his art and designs. Ladi is an educator for "Day of the Dead" traditions. A native Texas artist, he works from his studio in Lago Vista, Texas. Contact FrenzyArt at 512-809-8722 or

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